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Miss Witherspoon

March 28 - April 27
CAST Miss Witherspoon gif by Shannon J Hager XMLPhoto.com

Veronica found the 1990s to be a frightening place. She was minding her own business when Skylab came crashing down to earth only feet from where she was standing. Every man she has ever dated has failed her. She has tried anti-depressants but she is anti-depressant resistant! Giant chickens cross her path chanting “The Sky Is Falling” …  and now after death when she expected just to live peacefully in heaven forever and ever, Tibetan forces there keep trying to make her reincarnate. Only now she finds the world even scarier than when she was when she was alive! Enjoy Christopher Durang’s latest madcap comedy “Miss Witherspoon,” runner up for the Pulitzer Prize.


Performances are 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday through April 27.
No late seating.

  • COMPLIMENTARY FUEL PIZZA: Fridays. Available in lobby at 7 p.m. for ticket-buyers.



“It’s a comedy of the absurd, with talking infants and caricatured drug-addicted parents, but that’s (Christopher) Durang’s style: He wants you to laugh uncomfortably, then think about your deeper response after the laughter dies down.” – Lawrence Toppman of The Charlotte Observer. Click here to read the full review.

“Fantastic set, strong acting, and helpful lighting and sound effects. … Shawnna Pledger plays Veronica, or Miss Witherspoon as she’s known in the afterlife, with entertaining intensity, balancing the character’s anxiety, depression, courage, and stubbornness…” – Mark Pizzato of ARTS à la Mode. Click here to read the full review.

“Cuing your multiple re-entries to the earthly plane, a teensy baby rattle serves as your ticket as you enter the sky-blue bardo at CAST. An electrified bag of Skylab debris hovers ominously over the rear of the center stage in Daniel Fleming’s set design. Michael Vidal’s loopy lighting, complemented by Sean Kimbro’s sound design, keeps us from ever feeling grounded, while Barbara Wesselman’s costumes range effectively from Middle Earth to Middle Happy Days America.” – Perry Tannenbaum of Creative Loafing. Click here to read the full review.

Veronica: Shawnna Pledger
Maryamma: Ana Rodriguez
Mother 1, Mother 2: Stephanie O’Neill
Father 1, Father 2, Sleazy Man,
Dog Owner, Wise Man: Stephen Rowland
Teacher, Woman in Hat: Sasha D. Manley


Director: Christian Casper
Stage Manager: Mandy Kendall
Set Design: Daniel Fleming
Lighting Design: Michael Vidal
Sound Design: Sean Kimbro
Costume Design: Barbara Wesselman